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03/01/08 - Aircraft panel for FPV

FPV or First Person View is a fully submersive way to fly RC's.
A Camera with TX is attached to the front of your RC plane (or helicopter), most of the time right in the cockpit.
The signal is sent to an RX on the ground with the video and audio out to a set of VR Goggles or an LCD screen.
That puts you in the plane to fly it.

An impressive FVP flight

One of the main problem with FPV is that you can get lost very, very easily. We are not really used to know our environment from a bird's eye view !

Here is one solution to find your way back home:
The device below includes a GPS receiver and a microcontroller (it's inside the blue heatshrink sleeve) grabs interesting data like latitude, longitude, altitude and speed from the NMEA sentences, calculates bearing to destination (the pilot) and displays relevant data to the "instruments" (micro servos with a needle !)
- On the left: speed, in km/h
- In the middle: bearing to destination - if the needle is vertical, you're on the way back home !
- On the right: altitude, in meters (divided by 10).

The simplest OSD (On Screen Display) on earth - instruments are within the camera's FOV !

An overvall view of the system. It is powered from the model's receiver (200mA).

Any question ?