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13/03/08 - Nano GPS Logger

This is a small GPS logger based on the San Jose Navigation FV-M8 GPS module that stores coordinates, altitude, and speed into an EEPROM.
Then a software converts EEPROM stored data into .kml (Google Earth format, Click here for a sample log).
Altitude and speed graphs are also generated by the software.

I always wanted such a logger for snowboarding, FPV flights, trial bike and hiking.
I might also use it for scuba and free diving. Sure it won't work underwater but it's still very interesting as on a recent diving trip to the Maldives we noticed huge drifts during the surface periods (several kilometers) due to strong water currents).

The logger is about 35mmx35mmx10mm.
For now, the prototype is protected by a heatshrinking sleeve. One day it might get a nice box !

The data exporter/viewer: it exports data to Google Earth and displays altitude & speed graphs

Data exported to Google Earth (back home from work)

Here I do a stop at the local DIY shop :)

A flight log from a R/C glider

A trial bike path

... and now here comes the real stuff :)

The menu you got when you hook up the GPS logger to a RS232 interface

The schematic. You can freely copy/modify/use it as an educational, personnal or even commercial purpose !

The components side.

Download the .hex file for the 16F876 (NOT 16F872 as the schematic indicates !)
Download the Windows Software of the GPS Logger
Download the Eagle files to make the PCB (board and schematic files included) : web store where you can order the FV-M8 GPS. Vova is a nice and friendly guy !

If you have any question, first think about it twice.
If you still have a problem then make a clear question and send it to: