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R1OSD is a small electronic device that connects on a video
camera and offers an augmented reality experience to the user
through a display device (ie. video goggles).
It has been primarily designed for radio controlled first
person view flights but can be used for other purposes.

R1OSD provides all the key information about your model through a video link
like speed, heading, distance to home, onboard battery status, altitude, etc

- Easy to use system: simply plug it between the battery and
the ESC, connect the video camera, that's all.
- No additionnal component is required (like GPS unit, power
supply, etc.). 
- Safety device: if you get lost (and this happens frequently
when FPVing), simply follow the arrow to get back home.
- Clear picture, even with noisy controllers and running
motor. R1OSD does not use separate batteries.

System in use:
Did you have a look at the media section that offers videos
and pictures of the R1OSD ?

Technical specifications:
You can check the detailed functionalites and technical
specifications here.